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As 2019 comes to a close, I decided to take a moment and reflect on my life up to this point. It hasn’t been a stellar year, but I made it through.

Seeing as next year is the start of a new decade, I’ve decided to take on a couple new projects. I started this blog in hopes of documenting my adventures over the next year.

One of the bigger projects you’ll see on this blog is my Weather blanket for 2020. After scouring the internet for patterns and ideas, I finally settled on creating a simple shell blanket. The idea for the Weather blanket is simple. You choose colors to correspond with different temperatures, and each day, you add a row or two. At the end of the year, you’ll have a nice, warm blanket to snuggle up with!

photo by saltynomad

I live in Southern California, so my blanket is probably going to show a lot of warm temperatures. Right now though, we’ve got a nice pattern of rain and cooler temps, which means for the next few weeks, I’ll have the opportunity to work with some of my favorite colors.

You can find various scales to use for your own blanket. I’ve chosen a scale I found at Midwestern Moms. I altered the colors, and have only chosen a few at the moment due to the temperature ranges over the next few months. The yarn I am using is Impeccable Yarn, which I bought from Michael’s, but you can also find on Amazon! My list so far is as follows, and will be updated as we get into different temperature ranges:

  • >100 –
  • 89-99 –
  • 78-88 – Coral
  • 67-77 – Butterscotch
  • 54-66 – Mint
  • 44-53 –
  • 33-43 –
  • 21-32 –
  • 1-20 –
  • <0-

I am not expecting to get anywhere near anything in the 0-32 range, but as the year goes on, you never know!

If you’d like to join along, I’ve created a Facebook event. It might upgrade to a group if we get enough people, but until then, join in, wherever you are!

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