I am a terrible blogger. I enjoy publishing content for people to enjoy, and yet there are some weeks where I don’t seem to quite make all my goals.

That changes today. I’ve already put together my Sunday Snippet entry and have it ready to go. (This is something I intend to provide on a weekly basis so long as I have content for it. I usually do as I’m always working on one story or another.) I’ve also joined Goddess Fish Promotions as one of their Tour Hosts!

What does that mean? It means that soon, I will be sharing books and stories written by various authors. A “Virtual Book Tour”. Some will include reviews. All will be stories that I think you will enjoy. I’m hoping to bring in a few different genres. I’m currently browsing around the site to find my first tour.

In addition to hosting with Goddess Fish, I am also reading books by Indie authors I know in hopes of bringing in more reviews and recommendations to those who are interested. I’m planning on posting my first review next week.

There’s no set schedule for the reviews or book tours. It’s an “as it comes” type of schedule. But I’m planning on filling up that calendar as much as possible.

I feel like when I first opened this website, I was somewhat directionless. Now, I feel like I’ve got at least a little bit of direction. I know what I want to do and the audience I’d like to reach.

Now, I just need to spruce everything up so the site is pretty and not so confusing.

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