It’s been some time since I’ve written! Not too long ago, this little snapshot of Heath and Everley’s life popped into my head. I thought it only fair to share it with you!

Everley and Heath navigate their first go at parenthood and find it to be more than a little difficult!

Spoilers for “Back to the Beginning” so proceed with caution if you haven’t read the book yet!

Everley knew she should be enjoying her pregnancy,  but every day was met with a new worry. With each little kick, she anxiously waited for another. The moments when she felt nothing at all, she cried. 

The complications that came with her pregnancy made it even harder to relax and dream of the day when their son would come into the world. There were so many problems, and her previous losses had her doctor placing her in a higher risk category.

But with every appointment, she was assured that all was well. Her son was fine. Strong, even. 

It didn’t stop her from holding her breath during each checkup.

Heath was her saving grace. She could see the worry in his eyes, but he took it in stride, matching every worry she had with a bit of hope. He saw her through the roughest days, and celebrated the good ones.

The day Avery came into the world, kicking and screaming, Everley finally let out a sigh of relief. She burst into tears the moment he was placed in her arms. 

“He’s perfect,” Heath breathed as he ran his hand over the mop of light brown curls. 

Just like his sister.

The first few weeks were the hardest. Nothing seemed to appease Avery, and Everley felt guilty for feeling frustrated.

Some days though, the house was quiet, and her son was content to laze around with the two of them. When his little personality began to emerge, both Everley and Heath found the sleepless nights and long suffering wails started to fade away. Avery was still very much a force to be reckoned with, but he seemed to finally find peace with the new, confusing world he’d found himself in. 

Three months in, Everley found herself finally enjoying the motherhood she’d so desperately wanted. Avery’s coos and giggles never failed to bring a smile to her face. Her once disagreeable infant had transformed into a very happy little boy seemingly overnight. 

There were still challenges. Still nights when he wouldn’t sleep. Days when he screamed more than he smiled. 

But she was getting the hang of it.

“I knew it would be hard,” Heath stated one morning. Avery was snoozing away next to his father on the bed. “But I honestly have no idea how people do this more than once.”

Everley laughed at that, and agreed wholeheartedly. 

But maybe one day, they wouldn’t feel too overwhelmed at the idea of adding another to their family.

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