Hello readers! Today, I’ve released my book “Back to the Beginning”. It is the first in a series that follows the lives of a group of friends as they navigate life, loss, and of course: love.

Currently, I am running a promotion on my Facebook page. There is a giveaway where you can win a signed copy of the very first book in the Mer Harbor series!

“Back to the Beginning” follows the life of Everley Romero. After a bitter divorce, she finds herself returning home to Mer Harbor. Along the way, she faces her past and looks towards her future.

Here is a quick snippet for you!

Life was a disaster. And not one of those beautiful disasters women were so fond of in those cheesy, made-for-tv movies. No, Everley Romero’s life was falling apart in the worst, and ugliest way possible.

How had things gone so very wrong in so little time?

She wanted to blame Benny, her soon-to-be ex-husband. The ink had hardly dried on their marriage certificate when she filed for divorce. She wished it was the only time she’d wasted in her life. As she fiddled with the phone, still debating making the phone call, she allowed her mind to drift over the almost ten years she and Benny had spent together.

Getting married had been a terrible idea.

Would you like more? Pick up a copy today on Amazon! It is available in Kindle and Paperback format! Don’t forget to also stop by Facebook to enter to win a free copy!

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