Snippet Sunday! Here’s a little bit of Heath and Everley’s journey together. As always, you can find Back to the Beginning on Amazon in paperback and kindle format!

Heath Mitchell was relieved when his girlfriend finally showed up to practice. She never missed it, and it was odd for her to be so late. Seeing her there now though, his worry subsided and he looked forward to taking her to the sandwich shop, where they could get a snack and pretend to work on their homework together.

He watched her from the outfield, earning him a reprimand from the coach. Something was wrong though, and he found it hard to divert his attention. She wasn’t cheering him on or chatting with the other spectators. Instead of enjoying herself as usual, she stood behind everyone else. Her long, brown hair was tied back, and a hat covered her head. She stared at the ground; the hat providing extra cover. He couldn’t see her face, but if he was a betting man, he’d bet she’d been crying.

Back to the Beginning on Amazon

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    1. She’s an open book to him. They’ve known each other a very long time! (And I’ll post the second part in the next snippet.)

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