“Back to the Beginning” tackles a variety of troubles in the lives of Heath and Everley, but the toughest hurdle that has always come between the two is the loss of their first child. In a way, losing Amelia was the catalyst that set them both on very different paths as they struggled to find a life after the loss.

When Everley returns, she reveals that she hasn’t been to visit the grave since the funeral, while Heath goes often. They each find different comforts and trials in visiting the memorial, and now that they’re both living in Mer Harbor again, that means the chances of them running into each other while drowning in some of their worst memories is inevitable.

Here is a small snippet of their first meeting at the cemetery since the funeral.

“Hey sweetheart.” Heath sat down on the grass by the headstone that marked where his little girl was buried. “I brought you a daisy.” He pulled the little white flower from his coat pocket and laid it next to the stone.

She couldn’t answer, and the grave was nothing more than a memorial, but visiting and talking as if she were listening made him feel better. “I know your birthday’s not for another two weeks,” he continued, “but I’ve had a rough few days.” He choked up, “It’s been nearly eight years, yet I still feel as if we lost you just yesterday. Your mother’s come back into town, and that’s probably part of the reason it hurts so much more right now.”

“Sorry,” someone whispered softly. Heath looked up and saw Everley walking towards him, stopping a short distance away. “I didn’t know you were here… I can come back later. ”

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