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Do you love music? 

I think the question is: Who doesn’t love music?

Earning money listening to music is not a new concept. I’ve seen it a lot over the years in various forms. Some forms pay out better than others. 

Recently, I was introduced to Current. My opinion is that this app is one of the best ones out there. You don’t need to have a certain amount of followers, and there’s no giant hoops you need to jump through. The good part? It’s an app you can install right on your smart phone.

What I like best about this, is that you have the opportunity to either listen to playlists with music you know and love, or you can discover new music by listening to playlists curated for different moods and times of day.

Each song you listen to gives you a certain amount of points. (It varies from song to song.) You can also earn points by completing tasks and offers on their offer wall. 

After you’ve saved up enough points, you can check out the rewards section and choose your gift! There are a few different types of gift cards of varying value and gadgets if you’d rather have a physical prize. You can also spend your points on a 30 day boost that will speed up your rewards earning.

I’ve been using Current for a little over a month and have found the music selection to be good and the prize selection to be great. Pop it on during your commute to work and let the points stack up!

If you’d like to give Current a try, check out my referral link below. Keep in mind, this particular app is only good in the United States and Canada.

Give Current a try!

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