I am trying to keep some content going on this blog, but lately, you’ve probably noticed it is more Virtual Book Tours than anything else. Well, that’s because I’ve been hard at work putting together new content.

It’s just not quite ready yet.

Instead of leaving you with nothing, I’ve started hosting these tours in hopes that I can bring you something you’ll enjoy. I know I’ve enjoyed getting to know these authors and their works, and I hope that I have helped someone out there reading this blog find a new favorite!

So, my queue for September is mostly tours. I have three coming up next week, and then two in the week after that.

Included on the 22nd will be a book review, which I’m excited to share with you!

I am also working on a couple reviews for some of my favorite authors out there. Those will be coming up come October.

Last but not least, for my Mer Harbor fans, I am working hard on Brandi’s story. It’s coming to life in a way I didn’t expect, and after a brief break, I’m diving back in. Currently, I’m on track to publish next summer, but we all know how creativity works. If there are any delays, I will keep you updated.

For those who have left comments, I am sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you in a timely manner. It seems my notifications aren’t working quite right and I’m working on fixing that!

Until next time, enjoy!

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