I promised you content.

I failed to deliver.

So what happened? Where have I been these past few weeks?

Well, during this time of COVID-19, I have actually been deemed an essential worker, and therefore, I don’t have a lot of free time right now. I recently took a week off, and while I had every intention of updating this blog, I realized I had a lot of other things in my life that needed to be squared away and updated.

So things feel a bit to the wayside.

But never fear. I’m here and working on getting things sorted out! In fact, I am working on updating this entire site as we speak. Well, sort of. First I’m writing about it. Once I’m done publishing, I will be looking through the catalog so I can update this theme.

Other than the hectic whirlwind my life has become, I have managed to finish up my latest novel. It’s currently going through an editing process right now and I’m expecting to publish soon.

Until then, my novella is on sale until the end of may. Perhaps you’d like to check it out?

Stowaway Heart

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